Get Jazzy, Talk Dirty Magazine is a print magazine that publishes new and/or previously published quality romantic and sexy poetry, flash fiction or any other short sexy-sweet blurb.


Submission Period and Response Times
We accept submissions year round.
Please submit up to 5 submissions and wait for a response before sending more.
Our response time is typically a week-6 months but can sometimes take longer. If you’d like to check on the status of your submission, please email us.
We provide 20% off the cover price of our print magazine to contributors. There is no direct monetary payment.

Your work will be published in a beautiful, fully colored collectible magazine, available to readers world-wide.

For example: our SHALLA Magazine is selling at for $11.69... as a contributor, you can purchase it with a 20% OFF code that we will send you

***Of course, you don't have to buy a copy if you don't want to.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Would you like me to send you my work as an attachment or in the body of the email?

A: Both please. Sometimes the attachment does not download.

Q: Do I get a free PDF of the magazine?

A: No, because of copyright issues etc. We can't have PDFs of the magazine floating around. As a contributor, if you decide to purchase a copy, you will receive 20% off if you purchase it from (we will give you the coupon code).

Q: Can I proofread the magazine before it goes to print?

A: No, the editors do that. However, if you do see any errors in the print copy, please let us know.
We accept submissions from anywhere in the world, but work must be in English.
Erotic/Romantic genre only.
We accept previously published or unpublished work. Simultaneous submissions are not accepted.
Word count limit: no minimum, max 1,000.
Please do your best to format submissions as follows:
-double spaced
-at least 1” margins
-author name, poetry title and page numbers in header
Cover Letter
Online Submissions only: Please provide a bio and word count.
Please be sure to include your email and phone number.



Please email your submissions to

Rights & Rules

All rights revert back to the authors upon publication. 
To get technical, we require Non-Exclusive Serial Rights, meaning we will publish previously published or unpublished work in print form. 
And although authors do retain all rights to their work, we may post what we publish on our blog, create an audio version of our magazine, create a video version of our magazine and/or make our magazine available on Kindle, therefore, we also require Non-Exclusive Electronic Permissions.
As an example, please take a look at SHALLA Magazine

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